Mirella Bentivoglio e Marta Knobloch

Quetzal (2001)

Marta Knobloch


The Guatemalan unit of currency is the quetzal,

the name of the national bird of Guatemala.

There are 100 centavos in a quetzal.

Bills from 50 centavos to 100 quetzals are printed on colored paper.

C50 brown

Campesinos, dispossessed sons of the Maya

Q1 green

rapacious lianas shrouding the stelae of Tikal

Q5 purple

Candelarias, the Virgin’s tears for starving children

Q10 red

blood-spattered walls of the bombed convent at Chajul

Q20 blue

Women’s faces, hanged with their babes in Rio Negro.

Q50 orange

burning villages; Estancia, Amachel, Chicocon

Q100 black

charred flesh in the bull-dozed graves of San Sebastian.

In most places, the dollar is accepted as payment. Change given in local currency.

Autori: Mirella Bentivoglio e Marta Knobloch

Titolo: QUETZAL                

Descrizione: contiene una poesia di Marta Knobloch e un collage di Mirella Bentivoglio. Copertina di Anna Alessi. Poesia tradotta da Franca Zoccoli

Carta: Hahnemühle 230 gr.

Tiratura: 12 esemplari più 2 prove d’artista, numerati e firmati dalle autrici

Dimensioni: cm 32,5 x 24Realizzazione: aprile 2001